Saturday, March 17, 2007

What annoys me about Creationists

I thought I'd spend this blog post criticizing conservatives for a change :) Not that there hasn't been plenty of annoying stuff happening in seminary (for instance, Intro to Theology should be renamed to "why we shouldn't trust theology done by white people because of 'white privilege'"). However, my particular beef today is with Creationists.

Now let me start out by stating that I am, in fact, a Creationist. However, that should be read primarily as a statement about God, not a statement about evolution. Certainly there is much in evolutionary theory that is against the Bible (and against common sense, or even technical sense). However, I get annoyed when people who claim that they are "Creationists" want to spend all of their time talking about evolution!

Look, if you want to be an "anti-evolutionist", by all means do so. But please don't label yourself a "Creationist" if all you want to talk about is negative things about evolution.

For instance, we work hard to get reasonable things for our children to watch. One difficult thing is to get good nature shows that aren't peppered with mindless evolutionary speculation. However, the Creation nature videos talk about evolution _more_ than the secular ones! My wife brought home a fairly well-produced one, which will probably get some playing time in our DVD player. But even its title - "Incredible Creatures which Defy Evolution" -- incredibly annoying! Evolution gets play even in the title!

Why can't they call it "Incredible Creatures of Creation"? Wouldn't that honor God more than talking negatively about evolution? Yet that seems to be all a lot of Creationists are doing these days -- just talking up negative things about evolution rather than exploring what God has made under a paradigm that honors Him.


My wife recently brought home the Marvels of Creation book series by Buddy Davis. This includes Breathtaking Birds, Sensational Sea Creatures (my favorite), and Magnificent Mammals. I am happy to say while it does discuss evolution in the books, it is only a tiny, tiny bit in the introduction. The book as a whole serves to be God-honoring rather than evolution-bashing. Fantastic series to educate my children with God's creation!


At 3/22/2007 7:48 PM, Blogger ThoughtfulMom said...

I'm glad you liked my purchase, honey. I know that you'd either be thrilled, or that you would amend this post with more complaining. :)

Back to the kids!


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